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    The first company in mainland China to achieve thousands of pick and place machines to supply a SMT solution for oversea markets. Having pursued ideal quality and conducted extensive research and development as a specialized manufacturer of pick and place machine, in 2010.

    NeoDen became a well-known brand in the world to successfully research and manufacture pick and place machine. Since that time, NeoDen products have been supporting both electronic hobbyists and production facilities in various fields in the worldwide where covered more than 140 countries at present. A leader in high-function pick and place machine by state-of-the-art facilities that provide one-stop SMT solution, users covering a wide-range of arenas such as household application industry, auto electronics industry, power industry, LED industry, security, instruments & meters industry, communication industry, intelligent control industry, internet control industry, IoT and military industry, etc, one-of-a-kind technologies with 100+ national patents, we have established an unshakable position as a leader in SMT industry.

    Based on a flexible approach, and the extensive data we have accumulated from our expansive knowledge, we strive to solve problems and offer new proposals that accurately and rapidly match your needs. As new technological advancements are made and new needs for SMT machines are discovered, we have worked to anticipate future developments, ensuring that our technical capabilities have continuously evolved. In addition to leveraging these capabilities to create new products and develop new functions, we will being expecting a new stage by focusing on developing new technologies to support the next generation.

    Responding to customer voice with high quality and maximum value that only NeoDen can expect and achieve always.

    Quick facts about NeoDen:

  •  2010


    NeoDen brand was established and the first generation of two-head pick and place machine TM220A develop.


    NeoDen has more than 500 customers worldwide in the first year due to its superior quality.






    Set up the professional SMT laboratory, provide smt solution to over 700 customers.


    Cooperation with Rasis and PSP to become our agent in Iran and Brazil.






    Develop 2th generation TM240A pick and place machine, annual sales reach 1000 sets, expand business to over 100 countries.


    Open sales&service office in Shenzhen, China.


    Cooperate with Chipmax and authorize them as our exclusive agent in India.






    7 engineer join our R&D department.


    Open sales&service office in Jinan and Guangzhou, China.


    Cooperation with 3 new overseas company from Turkey, Chile and Europe.






    Release 3rd generation TM245P pick and place machine, annual sales reach 1400 sets.


    Overseas agents increase to 5, open 4 showcase in China mainland.






    4th generation NeoDen4 pick and place machine, meet most of the mounting requirement from various customer.


    Attend 2 overseas exhibitions, CEATEC JAPAN and Productronica in Germany.


    Our head office moved to the new building with 7000+ sq.m working area.


    Annual sales reach 1800 sets, overseas agents increase to 10, market share grow 150% in aboard.





    Obtain more than 50 patents in China Mainland and CE certificate from TUV organization.


    R&D team increase to 22 members, speed up the development of new machine.


    Annual sales reach 2300 sets.






    2 heads pick and place machine Neoden3V, 4 heads pick and place machine Neoden5, Neoden L460 will be released soon.


    Better choice for small or medium batch production and LED assembly.






    New model NeoDen 7 released to the market, suitable for batch production and LED assembly.


    Build long-term cooperation with Useful Partners LLC as our distributor in America.


    Develop sales with our exclusive agent in Russia, South Korea and Taiwan.






    The construction of Neoden Park has started, and exhibited the new model-Neoden S1 in the IPC Apex Expo USA, released advanced machines into the market:


    1. NeoDen IN6, eco-friendly reflow oven designed for prototype.


    2. NeoDen FP2636, a Frameless printer FP2636 to save time and costs for customers.






    The construction of Neoden Park has been finished, we moved to our new factory!


    New model NeoDen K1830 and NeoDen IN12 released to the market, Sell well all over the world.