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NeoDen ND1 Automatic Solder Paste Printer

Automatic solder paste printer has high stability CCD camera system. Four-way light source adjustable, with uniform illumination and the perfect image collection.

NeoDen ND1 Stencil Printer


“Product Information”


Model NeoDen ND1                                             
Max. plate size 450mm x 350mm
Minimum plate size 50mm x 50mm
PCB thickness 0.6mm ~ 14mm
Warping quantity Max. PCB diagonal 1%
Max. plate weight 10Kg
Transmission speed 1500mm /second (Max)
Power AC220V ± 10%, 50/ 60HZ, 15A
Machine weight 1000Kg




Transfer track direction: Left – Right, Right – Left, Left – Left, Right - Right
Transmission mode: Section-type track

PCB clamp mode
Software adjustable pressure of the elastic side pressure

1. Overall bottom suction chamber vacuum.
2. Bottom multipoint partial vacuum.
3. Edge lock clamping plate.
Board support method Magnetic thimble, special work holding device(option: Grid-Lok)


Print parameters
Print head Closed-loop print head straight line motor
Template frame size: 370mm x 470mm ~ 737mm x 737mm
Max. print area (X x Y) 450mm x 350mm



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Quick facts about NeoDen


  • Established in 2010, 200+ employees, 8000+ Sq.m. factory.
  • NeoDen products: Smart series PNP machine, NeoDen K1830, NeoDen4, NeoDen3V, NeoDen7, NeoDen6, TM220A, TM240A, TM245P, reflow oven IN6, IN12, Solder paste printer FP2636, PM3040.
  • Successful 10000+ customers across the globe.
  • 30+ Global Agents covered in Asia, Europe, America, Oceania and Africa.
  • R&D Center: 3 R&D departments with 25+ professional R&D engineers.
  • Listed with CE and got 50+ patents.
  • 30+ quality control and technical support engineers, 15+ senior international sales, timely customer responding within 8 hours, professional solutions providing within 24 hours.

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