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NeoDen IN6 Reflow Oven

1. Reflow Oven full convection, excellent soldering performance.
2. 6 zones design, light and compact.
3. Smart control with high sensitivity temperature sensor, the temperature can be stabilized within + 0.2℃.

NeoDen IN6 Reflow Oven


“Product Information”


Model NeoDen IN6

Heating Zone Qty

Up 3/Down 3

Rail Speed


Temperature Range

Room temperature ~300 celsius                  

Standard Max Height


Maximum PCB Width


Operation Direction

Left to right

Heat-up Time

approx. 25 min

Power Supply

110/220VAC 1-phase


L1020*W507* H1350mm

Net Weight

49/64kgs (without working table)




1. 6 zones design, light and compact.

2. Smart control with high sensitivity temperature sensor, the temperature can be stabilized within + 0.2℃.

3. Original high-performance aluminum alloy heating plate instead of heating pipe, both energy-saving and high-efficient, and transverse temperature difference is less than 2℃.

4. Original built-in soldering smoke filtering system, elegant appearance and eco-friendly.

5. Heat insulation protection design, the casing temperature can be controlled within 40℃.

6. Approved by TUV CE, authoritative and reliable.




“Product Display”

Reflow Oven 6 Heating Zones

Full convection, excellent soldering performance



Intelligent control system

Store several working files

Display real-time temperature curve

Smart control, high sensitivity temperature sensor

Elegant appearance and eco-friendly, effective filtration of harmful gases.

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Zhejiang NeoDen Technology Co., Ltd. has been manufacturing and exporting various small pick and place machines since 2010. Taking advantage of our own rich experienced R&D, well trained production, NeoDen wins great reputation from the world wide customers. 

with global presence in over 130 countries, the excellent performance, high accuracy and reliability of NeoDen PNP machines make them perfect for R&D, professional prototyping and small to medium batch production. We provide professional solution of one stop SMT equipment.

In our global Ecosystem, we collaborate with our best partners to deliver a more closing sales service, high professional and efficient technical support.

We believe that great people and partners make NeoDen a great company and that our commitment to Innovation, Diversity and Sustainability ensures that SMT automation is accessible to every hobbyist everywhere.









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