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NeoDen Prototyp Production Line

NeoDen FP2636 manual stencil printer, NeoDen 3V 2 heads pick and place machine, NeoDen IN6 6 zones reflow oven.

NeoDen FP2636


“Product Information”

Product Name  NeoDen FP2636 Manual Stencil Printer


 660×470×245 mm

Platform height

 190 mm

Max PCB Size

 260×360 mm

Printing speed

 Labor control

PCB Thickness

 0~20 mm


 ±0.01 mm

Positioning mode

 Outside/Reference hole

Fine Adjustment Range

 Z-axis ±15mm  X-axis ±15mm  Y-axis ±15mm

Net Weight

  • Rulers of stencil fixed frame
  • Convenience operating
  • Adjustment handle

1. T screw rod regulating handle, ensure adjustment accuracy and levelness of PCB fixed plane, minimum lead pitch achieved 1mm.


2. Letter mark for each regulating handle, better and easier to operate.


3. Rulers of stencil fixed frame for reference lines, ensure the levelness between stencil and PCB.


4. Support for single sided as well as double sided PCB.


NeoDen 3V


“Product Information”

Product Name NeoDen 3V Pick and Place Machine
Machine Style Single gantry with 2 heads
Alignment Stage Vision
Placement Rate Vision on 3,500CPH
Vision off 5,000CPH
Feeder Capacity Tape feeder: 25 (all 8 mm)
Vibration feeder: 5
Tray feeder: 10
Component Range Smallest Size 0402 (01005 inch)
Largest Size TQFP100 (Lead Pitch 0.5mm)
Max Height 5mm
Rotation ±180°
Placement Accuracy ±0.02mm
Board Dimension (Max) 320*420mm
Operation System Windows XP-Nova
Electricity Supply 100V 200V
Power 160-200W
External Dimensions 820*650*410 mm
Net Weight 55Kgs
Numbers of Pumps







1. Vision system. An up-looking camera identifies and calibrates the different components, and tremendously improves the accuracy of placement from 0402 to TQFP.


2. Integrated Controller. More stable performance and easier to do maintenance.


3. Mechanical correction for IC mounting.


4. Supports remote system upgrade, NeoDen will provide a life-long technical service and system upgrade.


NeoDen IN6


“Product Information”


Product Name NeoDen IN6 Reflow Oven

Power requirement

110/220VAC 1-phase

Power max.


Heating zone quantity


Conveyor speed

5 - 30 cm/min (2 - 12 inch/min)

Standard Max Height

30 mm

Temperature control range

Room temperature~

300 degree celsius

Temperature control accuracy

±0.2 degree celsius

Temperature distribution deviation

±1 degree celsius

Soldering width

260 mm (10 inch)

Length process chamber

680 mm (26.8 inch)

Heat-up time

approx. 25 min


1020*507*350 mm

Packing Size

1120*620*560 mm

N.W./ G.W

49Kg/64Kg (without working table)





1. Full convection, excellent soldering performance.


2. Zones design, light and compact.


3. Smart control with high sensitivity temperature sensor, the temperature can be stabilized within + 0.2℃.


4. Japan NSK hot-air motor bearings and Swiss heating wire, durable and stable.


5. Approved by TUV CE, authoritative and reliable.

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