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NeoDen IN12C SMT Reflow Oven

NeoDen N12C is a new environmentally friendly, stable performance intelligent automatic orbital reflow soldering.
This reflow solder adopts the exclusive patented design of "even temperature heating plate" design, with excellent soldering performance.

NeoDen IN12C SMT Reflow Oven


“Product Information”


Model NeoDen IN12C
Conveyor Type Rail

Heating Zone Qty

Upper 6/Down 6

Cooling Zone Qty

Upper 4 fans

Rail Speed


Maximum Height

Upper 30mm Down 22mm

Temperature Range

Room temperature ~300 celsius               

Preheating Time


Maximum PCB Width


Operation Direction

Left to right

Peak power


Work power


Power Supply




Net Weight





1. Built-in welding fume filtration system, effective filtration of harmful gases, beautiful appearance and environmental protection, more in line with the use of high-end environment.

2. The control system has the characteristics of high integration, timely response, low failure rate, easy maintenance, etc.

3. Hot air convection, excellent welding performance.

4. Intelligent control, high-sensitivity temperature sensor, effective temperature stabilization.

5. Can store 40 working files.

6. All temperature zones and cold air zone wind speed adjustable, easily cope with a variety of welding needs.

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“Product Display”

Automatic Orbital SMT Reflow Oven

Emergency & Power On/Off Button



SMT reflow oven concealed screen design is convenient for transportation, easy to use, beautiful and generous.


through the special airflow simulation software test optimized welding fume filtration system, can achieve the filtration of harmful gases at the same time to ensure that the equipment shell to maintain room temperature, reduce heat loss and reduce power consumption.

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Quick facts about NeoDen


  • Established in 2010, 200+ employees, 8000+ Sq.m. factory.
  • NeoDen products: Smart series PNP machine, NeoDen K1830, NeoDen4, NeoDen3V, NeoDen7, NeoDen6, TM220A, TM240A, TM245P, reflow oven IN6, IN12, Solder paste printer FP2636, PM3040.
  • Successful 10000+ customers across the globe.
  • 30+ Global Agents covered in Asia, Europe, America, Oceania and Africa.
  • R&D Center: 3 R&D departments with 25+ professional R&D engineers.
  • Listed with CE and got 50+ patents.
  • 30+ quality control and technical support engineers, 15+ senior international sales, timely customer responding within 8 hours, professional solutions providing within 24 hours.









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